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CSA Z462:2024 - Workplace Electrical Safety Standard Update

Cindy TeddManagement ConsultantNovember 14, 2023

A new edition of the CSA Z462 Standard will be published in March 2024. The CSA Z462 is updated on a three-year revision cycle and provides guidance on how to manage electrical hazards in the workplace. 

In addition to occupational health and safety regulations, employers are expected to follow CSA Z462 for the highest level of due diligence. Each new edition of CSA Z462 signals a series of employer requirements for electrical safety audits (including an assessment of all arc flash and shock PPE), changes and updates to their electrical safety program, and training for all workers.

Summary of Proposed Changes:

  • Several editorial changes throughout the standard that will result in updates to an employer’s electrical safety program.
  • Arc flash PPE categories removed entirely in favour of referring to the minimum arc rating requirements for PPE: reported as arc thermal performance value (ATPV), energy at breakopen threshold (EBT), or arc rating limit (ARLIM). Employers will be required to address this global change in their electrical safety program documentation. Workers can still use the Arc Flash PPE Table methods for PPE selection, with the only difference being the terminology used to describe the required protection levels.
  • An important clarification has been added for establishing and verifying an electrically safe work condition, requiring each phase conductor or circuit part to be tested for the absence of voltage at each point of work (i.e., not upstream). 
  • As part of an employer’s electrical safety program, a new requirement for an emergency response plan was added to Job Safety Planning. This requirement aligns with contact release training requirements for all qualified electrical workers.
  • Additional exemptions added for the Energized Electrical Work Permit.
  • Leather Protectors have changed to Protectors (worn over rubber insulating gloves) since new materials are permitted that provide enhanced protection such as cut resistance. A new standard, ASTM F3258, has been added for non-leather protectors for rubber insulating gloves. 
  • A new annex, "Working with Capacitors" (Annex W), was added with extensive content, figures, tables, and equations.

CSA Z462 Employer Requirements:

Employers need to fulfill several key requirements:

1. Audit all electrical safety documentation and work practices:

  • Conduct internal or external (3rd party) audits of the written electrical safety program required at intervals that are not to exceed three years. This aligns with the release of the new edition of CSA Z462. 
  • Update the written electrical safety program by reviewing the 2024 edition of CSA Z462, complete a gap analysis of existing documentation, and bridge the gaps by updating the documentation accordingly.
  • Update all related electrical safety work practices.
  • Assess the condition of all arc flash and shock PPE, tools, and equipment, and document the condition of each item. Repair or replace items as needed.

2. Audit electrical specific field work:

  • Perform internal or external (3rd party) audits of the application of the electrical safety program annually. 

3. Train and retrain all affected workers:

  • Provide new CSA Z462-2024 training for all individuals who have not been trained, and retraining based on the new standard for previously trained personnel.
  • All training shall be classroom-based, on-the-job, or a combination of both. Classroom training can include interactive electronic or web-based components. 
  • Follow up on generic training with company-specific Electrical Safety Program updates (i.e., forms, work practices, PPE, tools, and equipment).
  • Follow up on all training with on-the-job application training including company-specific electrical safety work practices. 
  • Document the successful application of knowledge (qualification) using the competency validation process. 

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