Workstyle Profiling

We know every person and every organisation is unique. This is why we work with high level consultants who are at the top of their fields to find the right FIT for you.

Workstyle and Personality Profiling uses a custom-designed model to help you hire more stars, reduce turnover and create a healthy workplace culture. It’s about finding the right person, not just the right resume.

Currently the direct costs of workplace injuries represent one quarter of each dollar of pretax corporate profits (Liberty Mutual). The organisations with the best safety records use employee assessments as the first step to risk management and loss prevention. Since up to 90% of safety incidents are due to human error, using talent Click’s Safety Risk & Workstyle Profile to
increase workplace safety can be extremely beneficial.

There are two main ways to use assessment results: (1) identify safety training needs, (2) screen out “high risk” personalities, and screen in those “low risk” candidates whom you may be overlooking because they do not interview well. Please see the Safety Competency Model below for more detail:


  • Defiant vs. Compliant: Low scorers ignore authority and company rules. High scorers willingly follow rules and guidelines.
  • Panicky vs. Strong: Low scorers tend to panic under pressure and make mistakes. High scorers are steady under pressure.
  • Over-Reaction vs. Emotionally Stable: Low scorers lose their tempers and then make mistakes. High scorers control their tempers.
  • Distractible vs. Vigilant: Low scorers are easily distracted and then make mistakes. High scorers stay focused on the task at hand.
  • Reckless vs. Cautious: Low scorers tend to take unnecessary risks. High scorers evaluate their options before making risky decisions.
  • Arrogant vs. Trainable: Low scorers overestimate their competency and are hard to train. High scorers listen to advice and like to learn.

Source: Hogan Research Division (HRD)

Some Benefits Of Our Safety Risk & Workstyle Profile:

  • Takes 30 minutes to complete online
  • Items written at 4th grade reading level
  • Available in many languages
  • Available for mass volume hiring
  • Report delivery within hours
  • Proven validity & reliability with 30 years of research
  • Costs are less than drug/alcohol or physical testing

We can then connect you with our specialist who has a Masters degree in Occupational Psychology and has been assessing individuals and organisations for over 12 years. His history of success with a wide range of clients ranging from start-ups to multinational corporations speaks for itself.

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