Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this training, participants will achieve a level of competency for selecting and assigning fall protection harnesses, lanyards, and associated fall protection devices and equipment. In addition, participants will gain an understanding of legislative requirements, hazards associated with working at heights and safe work practices for Fall Protection and Fall Prevention Systems.

Practical instruction includes pre-use inspection, donning, doffing, care, cleaning, and storage of fall protection equipment, and evaluation of defective equipment. Students will also review rescue requirements and planning as well as learn how present to adult learners.

Note: This training is available dependent on location. Get in touch with us today for more details.

Who Should Attend

Managers, Supervisors, JHSC members, health and safety representatives, maintenance and engineering personnel, or any worker who as part of their job, need to use, or has responsibility and accountability for Fall Protection Safety and equipment.

Maximum Number of participants



The Training Provider will supply equipment that will be defective for participants to evaluate as part of the practical competency testing structure (Pre-use Inspection requirements). Participants must score a minimum of 85% on both the practical and written testing evaluations to be deemed a “Competent trainer of Fall Protection Equipment”.


Three (3) full days.

Record of Training

All participants who successfully complete this program will receive a Certificate of Competency.

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