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SafetyLynx is the ultimate interactive health and safety management system for small to medium businesses. This Canadian designed, cloud-based computer software program is dedicated to assisting you in managing your workplace health and safety program.

SafetyLynx is a strong tool to develop a health and safety system compliant with the Certificate of Recognition (COR™) program.  Library templates have all been used for multiple COR™ external audit successes over the past two years.

More than just an electronic filing cabinet, SafetyLynx is completely interactive and requires no health and safety experience to get started. It includes six comprehensive modules with features not offered by other higher priced competitors:

  1. Getting Started:

The software guides and assists you through a process to build, implement and maintain a complete and effective health and safety program that is compliant with legislation and is specific to your organisation’s requirements.

  1. Training Records:

SafetyLynx keeps records of training as required by legislation.  Several specific searches and reports on the records are included such as by employer, employee, training programs, valid date programs, out of date programs, etc.  In addition, the program will alert management 90 days in advance of training going out of date.

  1. Accident/Incident Investigations:

The system will guide the investigator through collecting information and data and provides tools to identify causes that resulted in the accident/incident. Corrective action reports are generated and a monitoring system is included to ensure appropriate action is taken.

  1. Performance Statistics:

Simple forms are provided for you to input data and the program generates complete reports.

  1. Library:

The library includes over 100 templates for programs, procedures, forms, etc, that can be downloaded, edited as needed and uploaded to your SafetyLynx online health and safety manual. No more copying manuals or tracking down manuals to update them. Any change made on the computer is instantly available to everyone with access to the program.

  1. Unexpected Events:

The system guides supervisors on how to respond to accidents/incidents, unsafe work refusal, work stoppage, Ministry of Labour inspections.

Do you know the real costs of accidents to your company? We can show you. We’ll also demonstrate the many features of this program and answer any questions about it that you may have.