SDS / TDG Management

Introducing the SafeStation, a revolutionary new medium where all the information your employees need to stay safe is right at their fingertips, literally! With the SafeStation system you can manage any of these aspects of your safety program:

MSDS/SDS Management
Learning Management Systems (LMS)
DoCument Management
Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) Management

MSDS / SDS Management

SafeStation GHS


  • Access SDSs and additional safety information, such as first aid, handling, classifications, safety equipment, all in a few seconds
  • Print fully compliant labels, including GHS labels, for your secondary containers
  • Access safety procedures, permits, forms, layouts, maps, or any other type of document you wish to transmit to your employees
  • Access training, take courses and exams through our fully integrated Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Communicate with emergency contacts and services using the built-in microphone and speaker


  • Extreme user-friendliness – You don’t have to know how to use a computer to use the SafeStation. It has been designed to be unbelievably easy to use. Even the training video on how to use the system is on the system itself
  • Installed directly in the worker’s environment – No need to ask a supervisor to get access to an SDS, a document or to print a label. Everything is literally right at your fingertips
  • No dependence to the Internet – An online-only solution will often not get approved by your governing health & safety agency because of its dependence on an Internet connection. This is not a problem with the SafeStation, since every unit has its own local database. Internet is only required to update the unit
  • Install in just about any environment – The SafeStation is built to withstand just about anything you can throw at it, including dust, humidity, heat, cold, etc. Hazmat Systems also offers a model that can go outside or an intrinsically safe (IS) model
  • Paper if need be – Each SafeStation can be connected to a local or network printer, allowing you to print any document, including SDSs and labels, on demand
  • Say goodbye to the binder – Because of all the features mentioned above, we can truly say that we can eliminate the binders, both for SDSs and any other document, in just about every situation



There are many Learning Management Systems, or LMS, out on the market, but only one that can harness the power of the SafeStation.

  • Manage the learning of your employees: classrooms, enrollments, courses and instructors
  • Facilitate learning of your employees by allowing them to take courses anywhere at any time,even on a SafeStation
  • Manage and report government and industry­ required training
  • Easily build effective and customized exams
  • Allow employees to manage their own training curriculum
  • Rapidly see how your employees are doing in their training using the supervisor dashboard


Imagine having all your documents and safety procedures stored in one central online location, accessible from any Internet-connected device, regardless of what network you are on.

  • Safety procedures
  • Permits
  • Forms
  • Maps and layouts
  • Intervention plans
  • Or any other document that needs to be accessed by your employees

Now imagine having those documents available to the worker directly in his working environment through our revolutionary SafeStation.

Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) Management

The new module will allow users to easily create shipper’s declarations for all their dangerous goods, whether by air, sea or ground. It will also allow the creation of the right markings to include on each shipment, as well as a visual shipping guide that illustrates exactly how to mark each package to ensure compliance.

The module can be used in 3 ways:

  1. For the occasional user, they will be able to pay on our website via credit card.
  2. For the larger company that needs software to prepare declarations on a regular basic, our pricing will be an annual fee per shipping location.
  3. For transport companies. Software that you can in turn provide to your customers allowing them to easily create shippers declarations, have them back to you for pre-approval to make sure all the information is accurate, at which point you would have the possibility of returning the declaration with the required adjustments if there are issues, or return the waybill number if everything is OK.

Here are just some of the advantages that a user can expect:

  • 100% compliant documentation every time;
  • Easy to follow visual shipper’s guide showing the right markings to add to each package;
  • No more refused packages because of errors on the declaration or markings;
  • Transporter approval module, which will allow the possibility of approving a shipment before returning a waybill;
  • Full integration with our MSDS / SDS management module;
  • The possibility of forcing customers to upload the MSDS for every shipment, which could in turn be added to your database providing your customers with a great tool at virtually no charge.

To request a free, no-obligation demo on SafeStation or the newest TDG module, please fill out the form below.