Forensic Investigation

When a serious workplace incident occurs – or worse yet, a life is lost – it’s in an organisation’s best interest to have an independent investigator act as the central hub for channelling and assessing information within the investigation. It’s also critically important to ensure that early intervention is obtained so a complete and detailed investigation is initiated at the outset, providing optimum protection to the company and any representatives involved.

When your legal counsel retains Levitt-Safety on behalf of your organisation, litigation privilege is then attached to the investigative findings and report. In-house investigations conducted by company personnel do not usually afford the same kind of litigation privilege.

As part of the investigation team, Levitt-Safety will ensure that all aspects of the investigation process, including the delivery of a post-incident report, are forensically sound. Acting as a set of independent eyes to strengthen the investigation findings, we’ll further support the process by evaluating key aspects of the organisation, including:

  • Company safety manuals and other existing health, safety and environment protocols that were in place at the time
  • Employee training records and company training practices
  • Documented safe work practices
  • Hazard assessment practices and supporting documentation

The subsequent outcome of the steps mentioned above could include making recommendations regarding the adoption of changes or amendments as circumstances would dictate. Other services available include:

  • Interviewing of witnesses and the creation of written records
  • Securing, retaining and providing guidance to appropriate experts
  • Collecting evidence, including taking photographs and the hiring and direction of  surveyors and draft persons for the preparation of incident scene drawings

If desired by the client, assistance can also be provided with the in-house reporting requirement to Workplace Health & Safety.

Good employers can no longer rely on their existing reputation to keep them out of the public eye when matters of a potentially negative nature arise. The consequence of having a serious workplace injury or incident can result in a company’s reputation being quickly and severely damaged. This, in conjunction with ever increasing fines and the risk of criminal charges being laid, emphasizes the importance of ensuring that all contraventions of prescribed legislation are  attended to swiftly and properly.

With over thirty-five years’ experience in injury and incident investigation in industrial settings, Levitt-Safety can provide all the aspects required to ensure timely and forensically solid methods and techniques are applied to any workplace investigation. The unprecedented familiarity and experience of Levitt-Safety involving the application of scientific investigative principles in workplace circumstances ensures highly factual investigative reporting and results in this critical aspect of business. The client is assured that the identification, collection, documenting and preservation of evidence are of the highest caliber available and that the supporting report is equal in quality and value.

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