Liftsafe Engineered Fall Protection Systems

Keeping you safe, no matter what the job entails.

Roof guard Series

Liftsafe Fall Protection Inc. has designed a number of versatile and economical fall protection systems to eliminate the potential hazards for roof top falls.

Roof guard Classic

Roof Guard Classic is a counter weighted system that can be quickly and easily assembled on most rooftops and requires no welding, drilling, or bolting to the structure or the rooftop. The system utilizes counter weighted base plates which require no roof penetration, meaning no leaking or resealing worries.

The system contains corrosion resistant aluminum tubing, which allows for versatility during installation. Our system can be custom designed to not only meet your specific application but moved to cover multiple areas. The typical spans of the Roof Guard Classic system are 6’ and 9’, but the systems can be customized to fit around obstructions on the rooftop.

This system meets or exceeds Ontario MOL requirements, ANSI and OSHA.

Roof Guard Classic

Roof Guard X-Press

This brand new product combines the same quality and durability of the Roof Guard Classic model, with a few enhancements
designed to reduce installation time.

Like the Roof Guard Classic model, Roof Guard X-Press utilizes a counter weighted base plate system, this means no resealing worries ensuring no extra costs are incurred. The all-new, re-designed baseplates are easy to ship and stack allowing for quick installation with minimal effort.

Where the Roof Guard X-Press system differs from the Roof Guard Classic model is the singular piece of 1.9” OD handrail pipe. The typical spans of Roof Guard X-Press are 4’,6’,8’ and 10’. The new system requires no assembly of fittings or piecing together of handrail pipe. This alteration will drastically reduce installation time and simplifies portability .

The Roof Guard X-Press has been rigorously tested to meet or exceed industry standards for safety and durability. The system meet or exceeds ANSI, OSHA and Ontario MOL requirements.

Roof Guard XPress

Roof Guard Classic Kits

Designed as a safe, easy, engineered solution to providing worker safety when working around rooftop mechanical equipment. Roof Guard Classic Kits are shipped in a crate with everything you need, with most parts arriving pre-assembled. Simple, easy to follow instructions and one simple tool are included to assemble the system. The free standing, portable systems are constructed with corrosion resistant lightweight aluminum tubing and utilize counter weighted base plates, so no roof penetration is required. The unique, low profile, stack-able base plate design with built-in carry handle allows for easy, ergonomically friendly installation.


Roof Walk

Roof Walk is a completely customizable line of products that provides a safe surface for regular rooftop access. Our systems are designed to work with your specific roof, ensuring areas that require access are protected.

This system requires no roof penetration and can be set up easily on most roof surfaces. Coupled with our Roof Guard Classic rails, this system combines to protect from both fall and trip hazards.

Roof Walk


Hatch Guard

With injuries and deaths increasing from rooftop accidents, the government is cracking down on companies to ensure that staff are safe. Injury prevention initiatives are focusing on rooftop hazards and are enforcing safe practices to ensure you are compliant and to minimize the potential for death and injury.

The simple, reliable Hatch Guard System can ensure you are not only compliant but are protected from falls and liability. Liftsafe has designed a unique and versatile system that requires no roof membrane penetration and requires minimal time to install. The counter weighted base plates require no roof penetration and allow for flexibility and customization during installation.

Hatch Guard


Falling objects from construction sites or work platforms, like tools, bricks or other building materials, have the potential to seriously injure or cause death to workers, passing vehicles or property below the job site. Using debris containment netting solutions prevents these items from becoming fall safety hazards.

Conveyor Netting

In warehouses all over the world, overhead conveyor systems are being utilized to increase productivity and move product faster from point A to B. With this increase in efficiency comes an increase in potential injuries, due in part to falling or backed up product.

Conveyor Netting Systems that not only protect employees, but also protect the company from expensive product loss due to falls. The simple Conveyor Netting System can be installed quickly without interrupting day-to-day operations and will result in an immediate increase in safety throughout your facility. The costs associated with installing this system are minimal, and often the netting solution pays for itself within the first year by decreasing product loss substantially.

Conveyor Netting

Truck Netting

Moving product to and from the truck is often dangerous for the employees and can be costly when
product falls.

Liftsafe has designed several types of Truck Netting Systems, which protect employees and product during regular day-to-day operations. The systems can be customized by Professional Engineers, as no two applications are exactly the same. Your specific needs and special requirements will be taken into consideration to design a system that is both functional and reliable.

These efficient systems reduce wasted man-hours without compromising safety. Defined as a “passive system”, the Truck Netting requires no individual tie-offs and requires no overhead challenges such as those associated with a crane or lifeline.

Truck Netting

Oil Pit Netting

Fall hazards are a clear and apparent concern when an opening in the floor is not properly protected. According to Ministry and OSHA Fall Protection Regulations, such openings must be guarded or covered when not in use.

Some of the more common applications for this type of system are oil change companies where regular openings are a fall protection concern. This unique and completely custom system provides reliable fall protection for employees and ensures compliance with Ministry Requirements.

The Oil Pit Netting Systems are specifically designed to suit your application and will provide a reliable solution with minimal impact on day-to-day operations; the unique design allows for easy movement of the netting and requires no modification of the existing automotive service pits.

Oil Pit Netting

Fall Protection Netting

Every year throughout North America there are hundreds of accidents and thousands of unreported accidents that occur due to
improperly installed or non-existent fall protection systems – we can help.

Liftsafe’s Fall Protection Netting System is specifically designed for high-rise construction projects, can be installed quickly and is affordable. The, systems utilize a combination of fall protection netting and debris liner, protecting not only employees, but also the general public from falling equipment. The system will move up with the building as it is being constructed and is lightweight, ensuring minimal effort to install.

Fall Protection Netting

Sports Netting

With Liftsafe Fall Protection, we are able to provide our customers with a complete line of both indoor and outdoor sports netting designed specifically to keep facilities safe.
This netting not only meets but also exceeds industry standards for quality and durability and includes a diverse range of applications, including:

  • Golf Netting Systems
  • Soccer Netting Systems
  • Baseball Netting
  • Hockey Netting
  • Arena Netting
  • Football Netting

Sports Netting

Aviation Fall Protection Systems

The challenges faced in the Aviation Industry in regards to fall protection during aircraft maintenance and repairs are highly unique and specialized. We recognize the need to provide reliable products to ensure optimum safety during routine aircraft maintenance, as well as systems that require minimal setup time to operate.

Aviation Fall Protection

With this in mind Liftsafe has developed a number of fixed and portable systems designed specifically for the Aviation Industry, including:

Overhead/Ceiling Mounted Systems

These custom engineered systems are ideal for in hangar use and are permanent systems that can be customized for your specific application. This system can be configured to support multiple workers while ensuring optimum safety during routine maintenance and repairs.

Free Standing Aviation Fall Protection Systems

Typically utillized both outdoors and indoors these systems are ideal for facilities which lack the required overhead structural support required for mounting a system. These perminant systems can be custom engineered for your specific requirements and can support either single of multiple workers. Custom heights, spans, cantilever design, and support structures are available upon request.

Portable Aviation Fall Protection Systems

Fall Protection Systems that combine the benefits of a perminant fall protection system with a sleek design and portability. These mobile systems are perfect for accessing various areas of an aircraft for inspection and maintenance purposes.

Vacuum Based Fall Protection Systems 

Designed specifically for versatility, our Vacuum Based Fall Protection Systems allow for complete flexibility during Aircraft Maintenance and Inspections. These systems are ideal for both hangar and runway use and can be utilized for both single and double worker safety.

Travelling Bridge Fall Protection Systems

Traveling Bridge Fall Protection Systems employ an optimal design for use in larger maintenance applications such as aircraft hangars, aircraft production facilities, transportation vehicle maintenance facilities, and industrial applications.