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LOBO PlatformThe Lobo System is a simple to use work platform product that combines the versatility and strength of traditional scaffolding with the simplicity and mobility of aluminium tower systems. Lobo can be assembled by anyone, quickly and safely, without the need for tools, which allows labour costs to be controlled & reduced.

Its unique ability to increase productivity, while maintaining uncompromising safety standards, puts the Lobo System in a class of its own.

The system comprises of steel legs, of a variety of heights with adjustable top and fixed side bracing clamps. Tubes are then passed through the clamps, which are hand-tightened, to form a trestle. This trestle forms the basis of the system to which sway braces, wheels, handrails, outriggers, extensions and even a lifting beam can be added to enhance the construction.


The unique and patented hand tightened clamp, when combined with the legs and tube, allows the creation of a work platform system around, under, over or even through any large or fixed object, such as machinery, a production line or other high cost asset. Lobo allows safe, working at height access, to awkward to get to areas for maintenance or cleaning. Its modular design and versatility means it can be used in almost any industrial application.

CSA Z279-09 & S269.2, OSHA, ANSI and British Standard 1139 parts 3 & 4. EN 1004. compliant


The unique and patented Lobo clamp allows the system to be assembled without the use of tools and without the need forqualified scaffolding engineers. The Lobo System has been designed so that it can beconstructed by in-house maintenance engineers* and technicians * who can reconfigure the system, adapting and adjusting it from one project to another with ease. The system can be assembled, disassembled and reassembled quickly and is immediately available, unlike traditional scaffolding that must be assembled by qualified scaffolders. *Training required


The unique and patented Lobo clamp allows handrail attachment at any point on the system; at any stage of its construction. Lobo makes it possible for personnel to assemble a system without being exposed to the risk of a fall, thereby meeting current safety regulations. Health and safety issues have been considered at every stage and full product training is recommended to ensure the safe usage.


LOWER COSTS: Reduce the need to call the outsourced scaffold company. The unique multipurpose versatility and adjustability of the Lobo System brings cost and labour savings.

SAFE:  Lobo is a rigid and stable product, it doesn’t shake or rattle like some aluminium towers can. It meets or exceeds current safety legislation and allows for handrails to be fitted wherever the user requires them.

VERSATILE:  Can be configured into any size or shape, therefore fits into difficult to get to areas. No other system can offer this combination of safety, flexibility, adjustability, simplicity and cost benefit.

NO TOOLS & FLAT PACKS:  No spanners or hammers, fast assembly, quicker than tube and clamp. The system flat packs which means it can be transported anywhere in the world and erected by anyone.The LOBO TowerStore provides secure, lockable storage for LOBO T

EXPANDABLE:  Lobo is fully scalable and adaptable, making larger more complex systems by simply adding more standard components. Lobo will grow and adjust to any future requirement thereby protecting the initial investment.

The LOBO System can be assembled to form a simple work platform or can be constructed into a highly complex system, with virtually limitless applications. Experienced LOBO Engineers are available to perform site visits and product demonstrations. From this a solution can be designed to your particular, working at height, access issue based on thorough product knowledge and experience. A site visit gives us the opportunity to demonstrate our system to the maximum, and allows the customer to view the system at close hand. The design and specification of a tailor made system can then ensue. Support and Training Lobo Systems offers free configuration and ongoing technical support to ensure customers get the very best use of the system. Training videos are available from the LOBO website.

Formal Training Courses are a mix of classroom and practical sessions, which can be custom designed to suite a variety of requirements. We offer train the trainer and product maintenance courses to cover a wide variety of customer requirements. We issue training videos to encourage ongoing safe practices.

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