Discovery and Safety Vision

During the Discovery Stage, Levitt-Safety assesses the six steps to your desired culture. We look for the strengths of your current safety culture and the potential limiting behaviors or practices that likely negatively impact the overall safety culture of your organisation.

We assess your safety culture through interviews, focus groups, and if desired, surveys. It’s common to find that many organisations already have several different pieces of information collected, and we’ll work with that information .For instance, many companies will have a recent employee engagement survey or a recent Workwell audit that we can utilize. Every assessment is different and customized to your unique needs.

Understanding Your Safety Culture

Discovery Focus

The questions asked during interviews, focus groups or surveys are always first approved by you. The assessment is comprehensive, ensuring we provide the right information to target the most meaningful areas for development and change in the work culture.

Our goal during the Discovery Stage is to focus on the strengths of your current culture, while assisting you in planning the future of the organisation. Together we’ll develop a focused vision for your organisation’s desired culture and commitment to develop the tools, practices, awareness programs and training that will make a difference to helping everyone get home safe, always.

Contact us today to start the process for your own workplace safety culture and practices assessment.