Victaulic Vortex Systems

The Victaulic Vortex fire suppression system is a hybrid system incorporating liquid (water) and gaseous (Nitrogen) extinguishing agents discharged as a homogeneous suspension from a single emitter. On a molar level, the nitrogen and water are equal in the suspension.

The system atomizes the water to <10µm forming a dense homogeneous suspension of Nitrogen and water. In this manner two extinguishment mechanisms are occurring simultaneously: cooling and flame extinguishment.

Specification highlights:

  • provides full suppression with minimal wetting
  • designed for normal room enclosures, room integrity is not a factor
  • designed for small fires in large spaces or large fuel-based fires
  • operates on less than 25psi for Nitrogen and 5psi for water at the emitter
  • GREEN design – no toxic chemicals or agents. Completely safe for human life

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