Detection Equipment

In many applications fire protection requirements call for an automatic detection and control system.

From the simplest alarm horn to a sophisticated analog-addressable control panel, Levitt-Safety | Fire Protection Systems has the expertise to design and install these important pieces of fire protection equipment. We use only equipment from leading manufacturers – we don’t take chances with your safety! We recognize every hazardous environment is unique and tailor our design to your specific needs. Our capabilities include:

Flame Detectors


We carry the very latest technologies in the field of flame detectors which meet the most stringent worldwide requirements. When these high-tech sensor devices detect the presence of a flame, an alarm signal is generated. From UV/IR detectors, to full multi-spectrum infrared technology, let us design and install the personalized system for your hazardous environment.

Control Panels


Control panels process detection signals from protected areas and immediately perform key operations including: sounding alarms, shutting off fuel pumps, monitoring water flow, supervising valves, and actuating foam systems.

Accessories include detectors, pull stations, horns, strobes, bells, and various equipment control and shutdown accessories. Panel options provide protection for a small single hazard or multiple hazard locations.

Linear Heat Detectors


The main component of a linear heat detection system is a special cable that detects heat conditions anywhere along its length.

The result is a fixed temperature digital sensor that is capable of initiating an alarm once its rated activation temperature is reached. Linear Heat Detectors provide the advantages of line coverage with point sensitivity.