CTI™ Linear Heat Detection

Confirmed Temperature initiation – CTI™

CTM-530-600w1The Protectowire Company is proud to announce the latest innovation in Linear Heat Detection,  Confirmed Temperature Initiation or CTI™.

CTI™ is a new Digital Linear Heat Detection technology created and patented by The Protectowire Company. This technology is an enhancement to traditional digital linear heat detection technology and enables short circuit discrimination.

CTI™ confirms thermal activation of the Digital Linear Heat Detector before an alarm is initiated thereby reducing the incidence of false alarms created by physical damage to the detector. Protectowire CTI™ Digital Linear Heat Detectors are the only digital linear heat detectors to feature Short Circuit Discrimination.

  • CTI technology provides short circuit discrimination greatly reducing false alarms
  • Detects at any point along its length providing uniform sensitivity.
  • Available in a wide range of operating temperatures and outer jackets.
  • CTM-530 interface module is compatible with any manufacturers control panel
  • CTM-530 Provides integrated alarm point location.

How does CTI™ Technology work?

CTI™ technology is an enhancement to standard digital linear heat detection operation. Where traditional digital linear heat detectors have a single mode of detection, CTI™digital linear heat detectors add a second mode of detection. This second mode of detection utilizes the thermo-electric effect to measure the temperature at the short circuited point of the detector to confirm a true alarm condition exists.

CTI™digital linear heat detectors are constructed of a twisted pair of dissimilar metal spring conductors coated with a thermoplastic coating designed to soften at a specific temperature. An initiating device circuit monitors a length of this detector installed in the area to be protected.

When a short occurs at a point along the detectors length the initiating device circuit of the CTM-530 Interface Module detects the short and then automatically switches to a thermocouple measurement mode. The shorted portion of the detector forms a thermocouple junction and it’s temperature can be measured. The thermocouple measurement represents the current temperature of the shorted portion of detector. If the short is below the pre-set alarm threshold for the installed detector, a short fault is reported instead of an alarm condition. If the short is above the pre-set alarm threshold for the installed detector an alarm condition is reported immediately.


CTI-Detector-Cutaway-400wThe main benefit of CTI™ technology is short circuit discrimination or the ability to distinguish between thermal activation of the detector and a mechanical short caused by physical damage. This feature greatly reduces the potential for false alarms. Along with this unique feature our CTI™ linear heat detectors also afford all the benefits of our standard Digital Linear Heat Detectors such as…

  • Line coverage provides superior sensitivity.
  • Compatible with virtually any fire alarm control panel.
  • Alarm Point Location.
  • Suitable for installation in severe environmental conditions.
  • Easy to install, test, and splice.

Currently the CTI™ product line carries Factory Mutual Approval. Submission to Underwriters Laboratories for UL listing is pending.

Fore more information on CTI™, read the brochure here.