Aerosol Suppression Systems


Levitt-Safety | Fire Protection Systems is proud to distribute the Stat-X family of fire suppression systems. This family of products is based on aerosol technology developed in the space program, applied to fire protection by a team of engineers and manufactured to ISO 9001:2000 standards.

The Stat-X fire suppressant is a patented potassium-based aerosol that suppresses fire by chemically interfering with the free radicals of flame. It is ecologically safe, ten times as effective as halon replacements with zero ozone depletion and no global warming potential. The Stat-X application technology requires no pressure vessels, manifolds, nozzles or pipe work, factors which result in significant installation and maintenance savings to our customers.

  • Significantly more effective than alternative extinguishing agents
  • Environmentally friendly – Ozone depletion potential (ODP) = 0 — No global warming potential
  • Ease of installation – no pressure vessels, piping, or expensive installation manpower
  • Very low maintenance
  • Provides reliable, cost effective protection for a wide range of fire hazards
  • Listed for Class A, B, C fires by UL, ULC, CSIRO, ECB, and many others
  • Favorably reviewed by EPA for SNAP listing
  • Suitable for enclosed facilities and local applications Safe for personnel – non-harmful to personnel at
    design application rates
  • Safe for valuable equipment – will not harm electronic equipment or magnetic media
  • Post fire cleanup is minimal — aerosol suspends in air for quick and easy venting after discharge
  • Compact — up to a 90% reduction in space and weight requirements



Due to their fast response time, low fire extinguishing concentration, and environmental safety, Stat-X fire suppression systems may be used in critical applications across a wide range of industries. Aerosol generators are currently protecting and are suitable for use in:

  • Telecommunications facilities
  • Process control rooms
  • PABX rooms
  • High value mobile equipment
  • Cellular sites and relay towers
  • Data processing facilities
  • Flammable liquid storage areas
  • Turbine and generator enclosures
  • Marine engine rooms and machinery spaces
  • Power plants
  • Small boats
  • General industrial hazards

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