V-EDGE™ leading edge self-retracting lifeline:

two construction workers wearing v-edge SRLs

  • Simplified selection: Use in a variety of applications from overhead to horizontal tie-off points and where sharp edges are a concern.
  • Get to work faster: Clear outer casing allows for quick visual inspection of internal components
  • Lower cost of ownership: Integrated roll cage protects housing when used in foot-level tie-off. The retraction dampening feature controls the lifeline speed. This prevents damage and maximizes the product life.
  • Less downtime: Internal components like the cable and energy absorber can be replaced on-site to save money and reduce repair times.

what is leading edge explanation

Explaining leading edge:

  • Leading-edge application: Any type of at-height work in which a fall potential exists over an edge. Leading-edge applications most often happen when tie-off is at foot level or sometimes overhead.
  • Foot-level tie off: When workers are tied off or using an anchor point at their feet.
  • SRL-LE, horizontal SRL-LE: Interchangeable terms for leading-edge self-retracting lifeline. Must include an integral energy absorber element next to the worker.
  • SRL, overhead SRL: Interchangeable terms for traditional self-retracting lifelines used in applications other than leading edge. While all SRLs are rated to ANSI Z359.14 for overhead use, only a subset of these are leading edge SRLs.

Testing and approvals:

The American National Standards Institute — ANSI Z359 Fall Protection Committee says for an SRL to be labelled ‘LE’ by ANSI, it must:

  • be tested on a steel edge with a radius of 0.127 mm, and
  • meet certain requirements for dynamic performance, dynamic strength and static strength.

testing and approvals for leading edge SRLs

Is an overhead SRL or SRL-LE better?

Overhead SRLs are ideal for: At-height work where there is no risk for the lifeline to come in contact with an edge in a fall event. For example, climbing rebar or confined space entry.

SRL-LE is a must for: Leading edge and/or sharp edge applications. These jobs are found in many industries but common examples include steel erection and deck laying.

Remember: A leading-edge SRL can cover many applications and tie-off points. A traditional SRL may have some limitations in these areas.

To learn more about self-retracting lifelines Download The Safety Manager’s Guide to LEADING EDGE SELF-RETRACTING LIFELINES.

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