Self-Retracting Lifelines (SRL) Service

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Self-retracting lifelines are effective in minimizing the risk of working at heights – but, to do this properly they must be in good working order and must be used, stored, inspected and cleaned correctly.


  • ANSI requires the product to be inspected at least annually by a Competent Person
  • Extreme conditions of use may require increasing inspection frequency (In Canada, CSA requires SRL’s to be serviced within two years of mfg. date, thereafter annually)
  • Before each use OSHA and ANSI require SRL’s to be inspected (by the user)
  • After an impact, the SRL must be removed from service (per CSA, OSHA and ANSI), inspected and re-certified.

Levitt-Safety is an authorized service center for 3M(formerly Capital Safety, DBI-Sala & Protecta brands) and Honeywell (North, Titan and Miller brands). Contact us today for your quote.

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