Certain Prevor products – specifically, the 5L Diphoterine and Hexafluorine DAPs – require servicing at specific intervals.

Service is required every two years when the solution inside expires, or when the DAP has been used. All 5 litre DAP’s are recorded in Levitt-Safety’s service management system to ensure you are contacted within three months of the expiration of the solution. However, if you use up your DAP, regardless of whether or not the entire unit has been emptied, you must contact us directly to request service.

Servicing of your Prevor 5L DAP units

You’ll need to return your DAP unit for service for one of the following reasons:

  1. The solution in the DAP has reached its two year shelf life and needs to be changed. These solutions expire every two years. 
  2. The DAP has been discharged and needs to be recharged
  3. The unit has been condemned or reached its six year life and needs to be scrapped.

Please remember that your 5L units are rechargeable and do not need to be discarded unless the unit has reached it’s shelf life or has been condemned. Levitt-Safety maintains a fleet of DAPs available for paid rental to ensure continuity in your chemical splash first aid program.

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