Levitt-Safety now provides comprehensive calibration, maintenance, and repair for all of the industrial hygiene and occupational health instruments that we sell.

Most instruments used for industrial hygiene and occupational health purposes have regular requirements for maintenance, calibration, and repair. Levitt-Safety’s trained service technicians can help keep your industrial hygiene and occupational health instruments ready to perform when needed. Below is the recommended service interval required for these types of instruments.

And if you’re unsure what category your product falls under or when it should be serviced, please contact us for answers on specific instrument requirements.

Instrument Calibration Intervals

Instrument TypeRecommended Service IntervalService RequiredNotes
Gastec Pumps
1 yearMaintenance
Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Meter30 - 180 daysCalibration30 - 180 days, or as required with daily bump test
Heat Stress Monitor1 yearCalibrationIncludes brands like 3M, Quest
1 yearCalibrationIncludes brands like TSI, Kanomax
Particle Counters
1 yearCalibrationIncludes brands like Particles Plus
Respirator Fit Test Instruments 1 yearCalibrationIncludes brands like Sibata, Accutec, TSI
Sound Level Meter1 yearCalibrationIncludes brands like Svantek, Quest by 3M
Noise Dosimeter1 yearCalibrationIncludes brands like Svantek, Quest by 3M
Sound Calibrator1 yearCalibrationIncludes brands like Svantek, Quest by 3M
Radiation Meter
1 yearCalibration Includes brands like SE International
Light Meter1 yearCalibrationIncludes brands like Optikon
Audiometer1 yearCalibrationIncludes brands like Tremetrics, Smart Tone
Audiometer Calibrator1 yearCalibrationIncludes brands like Oscar (Quest by 3M)
SpirometerNot requiredN/AInstrument should be checked against syringe daily
Vision Screener1 yearMaintenanceIncludes brands like Depisteo, Titmus, Keystone
Electrocardiogram (ECG)1 yearMaintenanceIncludes brands like Welch Allyn
Automated External Defibrillator (AED)1 yearMaintenanceOn-site maintenance performed for battery and pad replacement


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