Eyelation by Honeywell

Eyelation by Honeywell: A Revolutionary New Way to Order Safety Frames

The Eyelation program is an innovative solution to meet the stringent needs of corporate eye safety programs. Using cutting-edge technology, the Eyelation program is designed to help companies cost-effectively manage their safety eyewear program and meet the needs of all of their employees.

• Ease of use, effectiveness and expertise are at the core of the program

• Ease of management, implementation and use by our customers and their employees

• Effectiveness of the products to provide the best fit and vision, featuring the leading Uvex® and Levitt-Safety Rx Safety Frames

Why Should I Choose Eyelation?

The Eyelation program is perfect for anyone challenged with running a safety program that is efficient, simple and still provides the best in personal protective equipment for their employees. The Honeywell Eyelation safety eyewear program can be easily managed across all shifts—at one location or 100.

With no initial setup fees and minimal maintenance requirements, the program caters to companies looking for the most cost-effective eye safety solution. After initial setup, the program is turn-key, allowing safety managers to spend less time administering it and less on overhead. Further, authorizations for each employee continue to be managed year after year thus alleviating that task for the company.

Employees appreciate the patent-pending Eyelation program because they don’t spend their personal time procuring eyewear. It’s done right on-site and their eyeglasses are produced with accurate measurements which in turn provide the best possible vision for the employee. The ease and convenience of the Honeywell Eyelation program allow everyone involved in a company’s safety program to save time, decrease costs and ensure compliance.