How VeriShield Protects Your Hearing at Work

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Watch the on-demand version of our webinar explaining how new technology will better protect your hearing at work with Honeywell.


  • Marc Kirsch, Product Marketing Manager

About the webinar:

Do you have workers that move in and out of different noise environments? Do you want to learn how to be proactive about protecting your workers from hearing loss?

Honeywell’s team is addressing hearing damage in the workplace using the VeriShield Smart Hearing Solution Headset.

VeriShield uses cloud software to monitor sound in real-time and analyzes patterns to help companies better protect workers from noise-induced hearing loss.

The webinar also covers advancements in a wide variety of techniques, sampling and calibration equipment, and size-selective (cyclone and impactor) technologies.

Marc brings a successful background in software and consumer packaged goods to Honeywell’s hearing business, which is helping to shape the future of hearing loss prevention with new technological advances.

Webinar highlights:

  • Monitor and analyze personal noise exposure in real-time based on an individual, work area or job site.
  • Improve compliance and proper hearing protection usage.
  • Protect your team in ways that were not possible before now.