Vending Solutions

Levitt-Safety Vending MachineIndustrial vending machines stocked with commonly-used personal protective equipment (PPE) are becoming an increasingly popular solution for companies as a way to not only manage inventory, but the costs associated with PPE. Vending can play a key role in a company’s attempts to better control costs by reducing product usage up to 30% and freeing up time that is otherwise spent dispensing commonly used items.

One of the greatest benefits of industrial vending machines is that it allows instant accessibility to the PPE workers need to perform their jobs safely. Not only that, the process of installing a vending solution reduces (and in some cases, eliminates) the time required to manage consumable products – including the time it takes to procure, receive and distribute the materials among employees.

Vending Advantages

  • Vending machines can be placed close to where product is used, enhancing productivity by reducing long walks to stores
  • Allows the company to efficiently charge out costs to the person/department using the materials
  • Vending usually reduces consumption (up to 30%) because the usage is tracked to the individual, making them more accountable
  • Vending can reduce the workload on a stores department, allowing it to concentrate on managing bulky or infrequently used items

Vending Features

  • Levitt-Safety will supply a coil vending machine to eligible customers at no cost to the customer site*
  • We can work with vending machine suppliers including SnapVend, CribMaster and SupplyPro
  • We understand that many customers will want to dispense more than just safety products from their vending machine, so, unlike many of our competitors, we will allow the customer to put other products of their choosing in the vending machine
  • No contract required!

What Items are Best Suited to Vending?

  • Frequently used items
  • Items of a moderate size
  • Items that are heavily consumed that the customer wants to track

Tracking Your Product Usage

Before installing a system, we work with the customer to develop their customized reporting needs. This can include charge-outs by person, department and/or job. The information is available to the customer 24 /7 via cloud software.

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*Some conditions apply. Contact us for details.