• Magnum mine vehicle washing solutions reduce water usage and provide reclamation of water in wash cycles, lessening environmental impacts and alleviating the amount of water mines use.
  • The automated wash cycles used by Magnum reduce the amount of manpower requirements normally needed for washing a vehicle, reducing labour costs and limiting workers’ exposure to the debris and high-pressure cannons used in washing.
  • Magnum is completely customizable, providing users with a variety of options based on the type of vehicle and depth of wash cycle needed — there’s no limit to how Magnum can be configured!
  • The time is takes to wash a vehicle is reduced when using Magnum. Automated wash cycles put units through faster, making them more available for maintenance and operations quicker, reducing downtime so productivity isn’t impacted.

Magnum is capable of designing and commissioning a complete wash solution tailored to the needs of your specific application, minimizing your vehicle downtime and maximizing the safety of your crew. Contact us today for more information.

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