Magnum® is dedicated to developing and delivering innovative products that improve the operational efficiencies and safety of today’s work world. This includes vehicle washing and dust managements solutions. Their brand is depended on worldwide, in more than 30 countries across five continents.

Vehicle washing solutions:

By keeping vehicles clear of mud and filth, you can help extend their service life and reduce maintenance times. However, the cleaning process can be hazardous, time consuming and expensive.

Magnum® has the solutions required to clean vehicles quickly, easily and safely. Their fully remote-controlled systems allow operators to control multiple cannons from a single, safe location with a customized switchbox. Plus, repetitive tasks can be handled automatically with one or more cannons robotically controlled by Programmable Logic Control (PLC). Through this method, a battery of cannons can wash down a vehicle without any input from the operator whatsoever!

washing a truck with magnum wash bags

Key benefits:

  • Magnum® vehicle washing solutions reduce water usage and provide reclamation of water during wash cycles, alleviating the amount of water used and thus lessening the environmental impact.
  • The automated wash cycles used by Magnum® systems reduce the amount of manpower normally required to wash a vehicle, which in turn reduces labour costs and limits workers’ exposure to the debris and high-pressure cannons.
  • Magnum® is completely customizable, providing users with a variety of options based on the type of vehicle and depth of wash cycle needed. There’s no limit to how much Magnum® wash solutions can be configured!
  • The time it takes to wash a vehicle is reduced when using Magnum®. Automated wash cycles put units through faster, making them more available readily for use.

Magnum® is capable of designing and commissioning a complete wash solution tailored to the needs of your specific application, optimizing your vehicle’s productivity and maximizing the safety of your crew.

Dust control solutions

If dust on a worksite cannot be eliminated at its source, the next critical step in the engineering chain is to turn to a creative concept solution.

Using current wet practices, there is a tendency to over or under-water dusty areas at mine and construction sites. Overwatering can result in vehicle accidents due to dangerous, wet and slippery conditions, while under-watering can leave workers vulnerable to inhaling particles in the air.

Magnum® continually works closely with major companies to develop customized systems that can resolve these complex problems.

Haul road dust management:

Much like with their vehicle washing systems, Magnum® dust management solutions reduce water usage and provide reclamation of water. Water is a valuable (and expensive) asset. Poor water spreading is an unnecessary waste of time, resources and expenses – with no net benefit to total production.

Key benefits:

  • The Magnum® Ground Speed Controller System efficiently measures the spread of water to control dust on haul roads. It can be retro-fitted to any existing water truck system with minimal to no adjustments needed.
  • There is no additional expense to fit specialized hydraulic pumps or valves.
  • The package is sold as a complete “plug-and-play” system. This includes all of the critical working components needed at a fraction of the current market price.
  • The system has the capability of being operated manually without a controller (eliminating the distraction from the operator). No matter who is driving, the system will put down a predetermined, consistent rate of water (and additive) without under or over-watering.

Stockpile dust management

The Magnum® Engineering Department has designed and produced a self-contained tanker that meets mine site specifications as well as permits for easy and trouble-free operation.

Key benefits:

  • Provides low-maintenance, hot-dipped galvanized protection.
  • The system includes radio frequency control, offering remote and automated capabilities for the following features:
    • Water pump (on/off)
    • Diesel engine (on/off)
    • Throttle control speed (up/down)
    • Low-water shutoff
    • Automatic additive mixing
    • Suction fill provision
    • Hydrant fill
    • Overhead fill
    • System pumping protection
  • Includes full emergency and safety specifications.
  • Optional retro-fitment provisions for programmable spraying pattern, which are specific to clients’ requirements.

If you’d like to learn more about either the washing or dust control solutions, fill out the form on this page. We’re happy to visit your site to help determine what solution best fits your needs.

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