Levitt-Safety has partnered with Building Reports Canada (BRC) to provide an accurate inspection collection method to assist you in meeting compliance and regulatory standards, all while ensuring your facility’s maintenance schedule is up to date.

Our technicians will come to your site, perform a number of inspections and, using the BRC technology, have a report in your hands in a minimal period of time, which plays a key role in keeping your company compliant. It’s ready when you need it – and, as an added value, your reports are available to you via the web at any time!

Here’s how it works:

Inspections and/or Service Repair Work (Online Scheduling)

  • Reoccurring maintenance schedules are set up with your facility’s information and automatically populate your calendar
  • Special events, like service calls or repair work, are set up with a click or two
  • Once email confirmation is received from the building representative, schedules are easily available to our technicians via their handheld devices or phones

Complete Inspection (Handheld Scanseries/BRForms®)

  • Barcodes are placed on or near each device or piece of equipment that requires inspection or maintenance
  • Upon scanning the barcode, all device/equipment specific information will appear, except in fields where new readings are needed
  • All findings are documented

Reviewing and Issuing Reports (Advanced Online Reporting)

  • The inspection results are uploaded to your web-portal and reports are immediately available
  • Online reports are formatted to meet local code and standard requirements
  • Device specific reports, like pump tests, fire alarm devices, etc., are created seamlessly
  • Access is provided to customers via a unique user name and password

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