Why Choose SafeStation?

It’s user friendly: 

  • No need to know how to use a computer to use the SafeStation. It has been designed to be unbelievably easy to use. Everything you need is literally right at your fingertips.
  • Each SafeStation can be connected to a local or network printer, allowing you to print any document, including SDSs, on demand.
  • Easily changes languages (English, French, Spanish).

Installed directly in the workers environment:

  •  The SafeStation is built to withstand just about anything you can throw at it including dust, humidity, heat and cold.

No dependence on the internet:

  • The data on a SafeStation is YOUR data. You own it – you manage it. It is not a shared internet data base you have no control over.  Multiple SafeStations can be configured easily to only have data necessary or required for the area that it’s in. The data is loaded and updated daily directly to the SafeStation by an administrator and all new data is sent to the appropriate unit.
  • Built-in hierarchy of control with user, administrators and master administrators.
  • An online-only solution will often not get approved by your governing health and safety agency because of its dependence on an internet connection. This is not a problem with the SafeStation since every unit has its own local database. The internet is only required to update the unit.
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