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  1. Carrying handle and strap

One large handle and large carrying strap, both withstand 1,000 lbs. of pull force for easy carrying and extraction.

  1. Lightweight backplate

Lightweight aluminum backplate delivers superior strength and stability and offers 1,000 lbs. of pull strength, with extra cutouts to hang additional gear or rope bag.

  1. Four carabiner attachments

Four large openings on the backplate are designed as carabiner attachment points and can withstand up to 1,000 lbs. of pull force for extrication.

  1. Low-air alarm

Choice of two loud audible low-air alarms (bell or warbling whistle) located near the user’s ear for easy detection by the user.

  1. Visual low-air alarm

Visual alarms on the exterior of the LED HUD and front and back PASS illuminate and flash for easy identification in dark, high-noise environments.

  1. Cylinder band

A simple and reliable lock-and-release system makes for quick cylinder change-outs with one hand.

  1. Optimal front PASS
    Super bright, bi-color LEDs provide immediate visual indications for sensing or alarm mode. A large gauge is illuminated by two extremely bright white LEDs that blink when the SCBA activates the low-air alarm. Large buttons can be felt with a gloved hand.
  2. PASS alarms

Audible alarms and visual indicators provide immediate warning for sensing or alarm mode along with a visual low-air and battery status indicator.

  1. Two motion sensors

Two motion sensors, one in the front PASS and one in the back PASS, keep the TITAN SCBA in sensing mode, minimizing false alarms. Easy identification in dark, high-noise environments.

  1. Optimal pathfinder

The Honeywell Pathfinder Firefighter Locating System significantly reduces the time to locate a downed firefighter.

  1. Central power supply
    Four C Alkaline batteries provide power to the front and back PASS, all indicator lights and electronic audible alarms, HUD, and optional Pathfinder locating system.
  2. Swivel and pivot hip pad

Flexes and moves to adapt to each user’s body contours, and distributes weight evenly.

  1. Shoulder straps

No more slip! Ara-shield® material is integrated into the shoulder straps, providing a tacky surface, yet it allows exceptional movement.

  1. Gear straps

Four built-in gear straps can be used for hanging lapel mics, flashlights, or other lighter gear.

  1. First stage pressure reducer

The first stage pressure reducer’s fail-safe design is simple and reliable, designed to help eliminate snag points.

  1. Rapid intervention crew/company universal air connection (RIC UAC)
    The RIC UAC is angled, eliminating another snag point. It’s located next to the CGA handwheel for easy access.
  2. D-rings
    Optional D-rings on the waist belt and an adjustable, sliding D-ring on the lower shoulder strap are designed for carrying additional gear or rope bags.
  3. Optimal sliding d-ring

Allows users to adjust the height of the D-ring to the position they need, and makes carrying and reaching equipment easy and comfortable.

  1. Twenty/20+ CBRN facepiece
    An optically correct anti-fog lens provides a distortion-free view and unsurpassed peripheral vision. A soft butyl rubber skirt furnishes excellent sealing features, comfort, and durability.
  2. Hard-wired heads-up display (HUD)
    LED-style display offers bright readings and an external visual low-air LED.

Two Reliable Options for Keeping Your Team Connected:

  1. Voice Amplification System (VAS)
    Loud, clear, distortion-free voice amplification with a choice of push-to-talk or handsfree operation.
  2. Wireless Radio Communication System (RCS)
    Crystal-clear wireless communications that work with sophisticated trunked repeater radio system


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