Air-purifying respirators can remove contaminants in the air that you breathe by filtering out particulates (e.g., dusts, metal fumes, mists, etc.). Other APRs purify air by adsorbing gases or vapours on a sorbent (adsorbing material) in a cartridge or canister. APRs are tight-fitting and are available in a few different styles:

  • mouth bit respirator (fits in the mouth and comes with a nose clip to hold nostrils closed – for escape purposes only)
  • quarter-mask (covering the nose and mouth),
  • half-face mask (covering the face from the nose to below the chin), or
  • full facepiece (covering the face from above the eyes to below the chin).

Levitt-Safety carries air-purifying respirators from 3M, MSA, Honeywell, and more. If you need assistance selecting appropriate respiratory protection or creating a respiratory safety program, contact us today.

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