The importance of air systems:

A single air supply source rarely meets all breathing applications. Breathing air cylinder carts give workers an air source in remote and short-term situations.

Manufacturers design breathing air compressor systems with respiratory use in mind. A plant compressor is not designed for this purpose.

We’ve been supplying carts, air compressors and filtration systems to fire departments, the military, and other industrial organizations for decades. Whether you need a stand-alone compressor, a fully integrated SCBA recharging system, or a complete SCBA trailer system, our priority is to provide breathing air of the highest quality that protects you so you can protect others.

We partner with leading manufacturers like Air Systems, Scott Safety and Jordair to supply high quality breathing air carts, compressors and air filtration systems.

Our Featured Systems

product image of the Breather Box

The Breather Box®

  • Portable grade-D filtration system
  • Filters incoming air from the compressor

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product image of point of attachment remote air manifold point of attachment

Point of Attachment

  • Remote air manifold
  • Meets NIOSH requirements
  • Regulator, pressure gauge, safety relief vale

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product image of MACk NFPA3

Mack-NFPA3 Rescue Series

  • Fire/rescue teams working under NFPA guidelines
  • Comes in two standard models
  • Regulator isolation valve

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product image for auto-air cart

Auto-Air Cart™

  • Contains grade-D filtration unit
  • Pneumatic or electric reserve air system
  • Twin air cylinder storage
  • Various cart sizes available

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product image of twin air compressor

Twin-Air™ Portable Breathing Air

  • Grade-D breathing air to three workers
  • Twin ASME receive tanks
  • Air cooled to within 10° of ambient temperature

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Jordair Fire-Kat™ Breathing Air Compressor

  • Complete system for use with airline respirators
  • Add more cylinder connecting whips to extend capacity

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Servicing your breathing air compressors:

Levitt-Safety is an authorized service provider and our factory-trained and certified technicians can provide the following:

  • filter changes
  • air quality testing and accredited lab testing analysis
  • in-line carbon monoxide gas monitor calibration, and
  • regular manufacturers’ maintenance and servicing.

Our team will service your compressors in a timely manner and ensure your equipment is running at peak performance.

To learn more about our service offerings and book an appointment, visit our Compressor Servicing page.

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Most of what we carry on can be customized to meet your needs.

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We can provide product recommendations, pricing and lead times.

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