Very rarely does one single source of air supply satisfy all breathing applications. Bottled air is not subject to atmospheric contamination and can be mobilized very easily. In remote and short term use where plant air is unavailable, breathing air cylinder carts allow the worker to have the respiratory production to complete the work fully protected.

Breathing air compressor systems are designed with respirator use as the focused utility. The size of the compressor, FDA Food-grade lubricating oil, Grade – E filtration, CO monitor, refrigerated dryer, receiver tank with condensation drain, and air distribution system must be specifically sized for the number of workers and types of respirators in use. A plant compressor is not designed for this purpose.

CSA Z180.1-13 Compressed Breathing Air and Systems states that:

  • Compressed breathing air shall be produced and delivered by a compressed breathing air system or by an automatically controlled proportioning system, and
  • Compressed breathing air systems shall be designed, constructed, installed, commissioned, operated, and maintained in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.

CSA Z180.1-13 also states:

  • Compressed breathing air systems shall be capable of delivering a supply of compressed breathing air to every user in the quality, quantity, and rated pressure(s) required during normal and anticipated emergency conditions, and
  • compressed breathing air systems shall be tested to ensure that they meet the requirements of this Standard for commissioning and operation.

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