Showers and Sprays

Micro DAP

Diphoterine® sprays and showers come in three sizes that are optimized for the risk level at your facility or work process. Every canister has an optimized spray pattern that disperses softly and evenly across a wide area to allow washing of the affected area without causing further trauma to tissues. Diphoterine® is Health Canada approved and is in accordance with the ANSI 358.1 Standard on chemical washing. Sprays should be accompanied by eyewash bottles to provide complete protection against chemical splashes.

DIPHOTERINE® solution sprays allow the decontamination of small cutaneous splashes. MICRO DAP (100 ml) allows for the decontamination of small body parts, such as the hand or the cheek.

DIPHOTERINE® solution sprays can be used in the following conditions:

  • Ideal for carrying on the person to allow for near instant use
  • Great for use in other areas like laboratories where chemical quantities are limited
  • Small and lightweight
  • Can be combined with the 50ml SIEW Eyewash for complete personal protection
  • Also perfect for  first-aid rooms, in order to perform additional rinsing in the event of late use at the incident scene