Wall Mounted Eyewash Station

The Wall Mounted Eyewash Station is a fixed and central rinsing spot that allows for washing of smaller splashes to the eyes or the skin. Two eyewash bottles are included in the event both eyes are exposed, and one spray for exposure to the skin. Afterwash II is also included to rehydrate the eye after the use of Diphoterine® to relieve the discomfort from “dry eyes” that Diphoterine® may cause.


  • Two 500ml Eyewash bottles
  • One 200ml AFTERWASHII® solution bottle
  • One MINI-DAP spray

Intended for immediate treatment in areas where there are no full body exposure risks, such as laboratories and other controlled process areas.


  • Fixed location and easily identifiable
  • Prevents looking for loose bottles
  • Allows quick action without assistance
  • The entire face can be washed, with an LPMD eyewash for each eye and MINI DAP spray
  • Easy and adaptable installation
  • Watertight, in accordance with industrial hygiene and cleanliness
  • Requires no special care or installation