While most companies are aware of the safety implications of their workers on the ground, having someone wear a hardhat or safety glasses are simply not enough. Falling objects put not only workers at risk, but the general public as well. If a falling object hits something on its way down, it can be sent flying in any direction, exposing people in the surrounding area to danger.

Ensuring object have no way to fall is the best way to improve your falling object safety. Most sites with workers at height have fall protection systems in place to restrain workers from falls, but often neglect to consider tethering their tools or other items for the same reason.

You can purchase options that clip onto an existing harness and attach to each tool being used with a cord. Some of these harnesses even have extendable cords to provide maximum maneuverability with the tools. Pouches and tool lanyards that attach directly to tool belts are also an option for keeping your tools safely accounted for.


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