Canadians are a lucky bunch — we get lovely, hot summers and snowy, cold winters; it’s the best of both worlds.

The only problem with having such distinct seasons is that we have jam-packed closets for extreme clothing. Winter coats, gloves, toques and boots for the cold and breathable shirts and pants for the summer.

Winter Safety Equipment

Working in the winter means wearing a lot of layers to keep warm. In extreme cold weather conditions is also means you need to wear protective clothing like:

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Summer Safety Equipment

We usually think of PPE for extreme weather as a winter-specific problem. Summer PPE is just as important.

In the summer, temperatures reach 40°C with humidex readings going even higher. In these conditions, people working outside or in buildings without air conditioning are at a risk for heat stress.

You might experience heat stress in a few ways:

  • cramps
  • heat stroke, and
  • heat exhaustion.

People who work in physically demanding jobs or in hot environments are at a high risk for heat stress.

How to protect yourself from heat stress

The two most important factors to avoid heat stress is hydration and cooling.

Take frequent breaks to rehydrate with water. Cooling equipment and moisture-wicking clothing can lower your risk for heat stress.

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