Here in Canada, we’re lucky that we get to experience completely different seasons throughout the year. And even though we get the best of both worlds (sunny summers and snowy winters!), the seasons can pose extreme and harmful hazards to our health.


In the summertime, we often see temperatures reaching up to 40°C, with humidex readings going even higher! In these kinds of conditions, individuals working outside – or in buildings without air conditioning – are at the biggest risk of experiencing heat stress. Heat stress can manifest itself in a number of ways, like heat cramps, heat stroke, and heat exhaustion. Heat stress usually occurs in individuals working in hot environments, often performing heavy physical labor.

The two most important elements in protecting against heat stress are hydration and cooling. Hydration drinks provide necessary water along with valuable electrolytes that ensure the body keeps working at optimal levels. Cooling equipment and evaporative clothing can lower body temperature to prevent heat stress.

And along with the sun come the bugs, and since the first outbreak of the West Nile Virus in 1999, people have been anxious about this growing concern. Insect repellent should always be worn when in an area with mosquitoes or other insects that could potentially carry disease.


On the other side of the spectrum, of course, is winter. Winter is always an exciting time of year with cold-weather sports and activities to be enjoyed with family and friends. However, it also often brings with it extreme weather. During the winter months, anyone working outside needs protection from the hash cold. With low temperatures, protective clothing like heating vests, gloves, winter liners, and ear bands should always be worn to protect yourself from strong winds and frigid, cold air.

No matter the season, using the proper personal protective products will be able to get you through your work day (regardless of temperature) and get you home safe. Not sure which seasonal products are right for you? Get in touch with us today.

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