The Internet of Things (IoT) offers a lot of advantages for workplace health and safety. Sensors, cloud computing and big-data analytics of IoT enabled devices means that companies can combat the traditional thinking that improving safety often decreases productivity – the paradigm is now reversed. Smart buildings, smart worksites and connected operations means businesses can increase their operational efficiency, while continually enhancing safety.

When it comes to IoT and assets – the technology can help control equipment reliability, understand device failure and improve future efficiency. We now have a great level of visibility into assets and can manage those assets in real time, based on real data. Essentially, IoT can make your machinery smarter by anticipating maintenance requirements, detecting possible problems and allowing the opportunity to avoid them altogether.

On this page you’ll find a few of the solutions Levitt-Safety is proud to feature. Check them out, or contact us via the form on this page to discuss what solutions are best for your environment.

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