Industrial IoT products that enhance worker safety benefit everyone in the workplace,

Workers can now communicate with one another and have higher awareness about what’s going on in other areas of the facility. Supervisors now have a bird’s eye view of the facility to improve safety and logistical planning.

The topic of industrial IoT is important and insanely interesting. Safety products like gas monitors and fire evacuation systems are incorporating wireless technology to keep workers safe and workplaces running efficiently.

How Industrial IoT improves lone worker safety

Lone workers are at a higher risk of work-related injuries and occupational challenges because there is no one around to keep an eye out from them.

The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety highlights high risk activities for lone workers, which includes:

  • At heights
  • In confined spaces (tanks, grain bins or elevators, culverts)
  • With electricity.
  • With hazardous substances or materials
  • With hazardous equipment such as chainsaws or firearms
  • With materials at great pressure
  • With the public, where there is a potential for violence

The advances to industrial IoT technology gives lone workers connection with their workplace. It improves check-in procedures, personnel tracking, and the environment around the lone worker.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) can now be secured by Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) identifiers that helps with individual record-keeping. It stores relevant safety data and maintenance and product life cycle. It also allows you quick access to:

  • maintenance instructions
  • information about product use, and
  • maintenance records.

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