What are IoT safety solutions?

IoT safety solutions are gaining traction in the industrial setting. Particularly in mines and construction sites where connected worker solutions like the N-Connex System or the WES3 Wireless Evacuation System save lives.

IoT safety solutions are also being introduced to noisy manufacturing facilities in the form of headset-to-headset communication. Communication is essential in these facilities for safety and productivity, yet solving workplace-induced hearing loss is becoming an important topic.

Connected worker safety

The connected worker, connected safety or smart safety. There terms all refer to a similar evolution in safety practices. It’s the interconnectivity of machines talking to other machines.

IoT in safety happens when inanimate objects connect to the internet and deliver actionable insights to improve worker safety, enhance productivity and ultimately make the world a safer place to work.

Levitt-Safety has always had a forward-thinking approach and we are pleased to bring to market the best leading technologies in the evolving space of IoT for Safety.

Throughout our offering, you will find connected safety solutions for the worker, the assets and the work environment.

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