Occupational noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is the most prevalent industrial disease in the world.

It’s also one of the hardest to spot because it affects different people at different rates.

Effective NIHL prevention depends on tailoring the protection to the individual.

Honeywell VeriShield Smart Hearing Solution headset

Introducing the VeriShield™ Smart Hearing Solution:

The VeriShield Smart Hearing Solution is a personal noise exposure monitor that offers instant visibility to a worker’s protection levels and noise exposure.

It links to web and mobile app data to provide real-time exposure data.

VeriShield lets you and your team see what they are hearing.

verishield smart hearing solution mobile app

Use the mobile app to improve compliance:

Along with monitoring noise exposure limits, the mobile app can help workers ensure they are properly wearing their headsets through a self-administered headset fit test.

verishield mobile app feedback

verishield smart hearing solution hard hat attached product imageBy providing your team with a comfortable, adaptive and personalized hearing solution, you can increase compliance without putting your team in danger of experiencing noise-induced hearing loss.

VeriShield comes in three styles including over-the-head, in-ear and hard-hat attached.

VeriShield enables safety managers to:

  • Monitor and analyze personal noise exposure
  • See each worker’s noise exposure anytime, anywhere
  • Check if hearing protection is being worn correctly or have been removed
  • Use data to see who is at risk, when and how often
  • Investigate causes of excessive noise
  • Provide personalized training and protection

Most importantly, you’re able to protect your team in ways that were not possible before now.

verishield smart hearing solution in-ear protection product imageYou can use the data to create actionable insights:

  • Identify at-risk workers
  • Analyze work environments
  • Access historical noise exposure records
  • Send reporting emails to relevant managers
  • Identify trends

Features and Benefits:

Gain Awareness:

  • Ensure workers are correctly wearing headsets.
  • View data anywhere in the world on your smartphone or computer.
  • Get real-time insights into noise exposure.
  • Have continuous access to noise data on individuals, team and sites.
  • Monitor and analyze data on peaks, patterns, and unusual occurrences.

Boost Safety:

  • Reduce background noises to safe levels.
  • Headsets have a ‘hear-through’ function for critical conversations and alarms.
  • Alert workers on their daily noise limits.
  • Increase compliance by showing workers noise hazards.
  • Create personalized hearing conservation solutions based on worker, work area or job site.

Increase Efficiency:

  • Better-fitting, comfortable hearing protection.
  • Reduce time-consuming administrative and reporting procedures.
  • Improve your hearing conservation programs.
  • Develop a personalized approach to worker safety.
  • Reduce costs by simplifying procedures and saving resources.

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