We’re sure you’d agree that your head is one of the most important parts on your body. Your head gives you the ability to think, smell, talk, feel and hear – all very crucial aspects of one’s life! It obviously makes a lot of sense to protect your head against the potential for injury, with your first line of defense being a hard hat.

CSA Z94.1 is a revised version of the Industrial Protective Headwear standard that classifies protective headwear into two types:

  • Type I provides impact and penetration protection on the crown (top) only. 
  • Type II offers impact and penetration protection on the top as well as lateral (side) protection.

This standard also covers dielectric properties:

  • Class E (Electric) is a hard hat that must pass an electrical test that protects up to 20,000 volts
  • For a Class G (General Purpose) rating, the conductivity test must qualify with a protection limit of 2,200 volts
  • A Class C (Conductive) rating is a hard hat made of conductive material, or a hard hat that does not meet Classes E or G, and would only be suitable for areas where there is no risk of electrical hazards

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