Dressing for your job is a win-win. Not only does workwear keep workers safe, but it keeps them comfortable. And, a comfortable worker is less prone to making mistakes because they are less distracted and more focused on the job task at hand.

For worker comfort, breathability of the garments should be the focus. Breathability means that the garments have the ability to transfer moisture away from the body through the material. In the winter, this means less layers and bulk are required to keep warm because it controls the amount of dampness close to the body. In the hot summer months, it increases evaporative cooling to reduce heat stresses on the worker.

Workwear also plays a vital role in the impression your company leaves upon others. Good quality garments last longer and keep a professional appearance to your customers and peers by being more durable and less likely to fade.

Custom logo programs are also key to helping identify your employees and create a sense of brand association. Our logoing program will pay close attention to your colour requirements to ensure they match your corporate brand. We have a variety of options for logos including direct embroidery, silk screening and cresting.

Levitt-Safety can work with you to create a program that exceeds your expectations with quality products by leading manufacturers.

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