Disposable clothing is quick and efficient way to protect employees from hazards without having to pay for cleaning of any contaminated clothing. This is especially true in situations when working temporally in dirty, grimy worksites and you want to protect better clothing or because there are hazardous particles or infectious agents presents.

Disposable coveralls can also be chemical suits. The most popular product that comes to mind for disposable suits is Tyvek by DuPont, but there are a number of different products on the market. These suits are either made of a SMS or a laminated material that is breathable and light. There are a few factors that must be considered when selecting disposable clothing:


While some of these suits come in one size, it is important to look for a disposable garment that fits your workers properly so they aren’t too snug or too lose and pose tripping or catching hazard in machinery.

Tear and Abrasion Resistance

Disposable suits are made of a light fabric that come in different strengths of material. Before selecting your disposable clothing, it is important to compare lab testing of tear and abrasion resistance. All reputable manufacturers will have data that supports and may even compare their garments to other ones to help you make your decision easier.

Flame Resistance

Disposable clothing can come in flame resistant options as well. These suits will ablate or shed when they come into contact with a heat source to prevent the clothing from catching fire and protect the worker from suffering burns. These flame resistant disposable coverall options are not protective enough for welders as the welding spatter is actually molten metal that can work its way inside the suit over time.

Whatever clothing you choose, it is important to start looking at the hazards you are protecting against and work backwards to find the appropriate garment for you application. It doesn’t have to be difficult – let us walk you through selecting the right disposable garment from our leading manufacturers like DuPont, Lakeland Protective, Kimberly Clark and more.

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