What is safety clothing?

Safety clothing is a catch-all term for any clothes with protective properties, including:

  • high visibility vests, shirts and pants
  • flame-resistant clothing
  • disposable gowns and coveralls used in medical and chemical applications
  • arc flash protective equipment including hoods, suits and coveralls
  • rainwear
  • cooling clothing to prevent heat stroke
  • custom logoed workwear, and
  • general purpose work clothing.

Head to toe protection:

Different protection levels are necessary for different jobs. We’ve partnered with leading manufacturers like 3M, Big Bill, Superior Glove, Tyvek and North by Honeywell. Levitt-Safety offers a full spectrum of safety clothing and protective workwear to keep you and your workers safe from multiple hazards.

Uncomfortable clothing creates worker stress and distractions which are proven to increase performance errors and mistakes which is why each garment selected by Levitt-Safety keeps workers’ comfort in mind.

When choosing a protective garment, consider the hazard you are trying to protect against.

Finding the right products:

There are a lot of options on the market. Our team can help you find the perfect options to outfit your team based on the size of your team and the risks they face. Levitt-Safety can help you reduce injuries and protect your bottom line.

Arc flash clothes:

An arc flash is very dangerous release of energy. It occurs when an electric current leaves its expected path and travels from phase to phase or phase to ground.

Most arc flash injuries result from not wearing flame-resistant clothing. Arc flash clothing is tested against electrical energy releases and is measured on at arc thermal performance value (ATPV) scale between 1 and 4. Learn more about arc flash PPE.

Disposable clothing:

Disposable clothing is a fantastic option to protect employees from hazards in healthcare and chemical applications or where hazardous particles or infectious agents are present. Learn more about disposable clothing

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