Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) plays a key role in keeping you safe each and every day.

Hazards exist in every single workplace, from mining operations to warehousing, so it’s essential to provide appropriate strategies to keep your workers safe. While the best measure of protection is eliminating and controlling hazards at their source, we know this isn’t always possible. Personal protective equipment should always be considered the last level of protection you use to keep your workers safe, but even reducing the hazard as much as possible doesn’t guarantee total protection from it. That’s where PPE comes in.

When Should You Use PPE?
  • for emergencies and maintenance activities
  • while other controls are being installed
  • when other control methods don’t provide enough protection
  • when the following control methods aren’t possible:
    • eliminating the hazard by redesigning the process
    • substituting with a safer process or product
    • controlling the hazard at the source
    • reducing exposure through administrative and work practices

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