Your vision is one of the most important elements of safe and effective job performance. Whether your job involves driving, visual inspection, quality control or making decisions that could affect your safety.

The eye transfers 90% of all information to your brain. Yet how many people go for regular eye checks?

Vision screening is an efficient, practical and economical process to detect possible eye problems. This including conditions that may result in blindness or limit optimum eye function.

Vision screener testing:

Testing can be done by any person who is covered under medical directives issued by a medical doctor and who can demonstrate competency on the device being used for testing.

If a company implements a new vision screening program, or has an existing program, vision screening tests should be provided annually or every two years.

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What does a vision screening test include?

Visual acuity

The visual acuity test is the starting point for all eye testing. It tests to see how well you see the details of a letter or symbol from a specific distance.

You’ll perform the test in different ways:

  • Both eyes together (binocularly)
  • Each eye seperately (monocularly)
  • Far, intermediate and near distances
  • With and without compensation
  • In different lights

These test provide information on the visual capacity of the patient.

Depth perception

This test is used to check an eye’s ability to enable a three-dimensional effect to a flat image. This is essential for good binocular vision. Issues with stereoscopic vision may reveal problems like anisometropia, amblyopia, strabismus, or even image suppression.

Colour perception

The colour perception test screens for abnormalities in colour vision like Protan, Deutan and Tritan colour blindness. The test determines colour perception if a patient can read the numbers of the plates and can reveal problems in recognizing numbers and colours.

Depisteo VT1 Vision Screener

The Depisteo Vision Screener is a simple and complete tool that validates patient responses, generates reports, exports data, etc. in just a few clicks. Our range adapts to different user profiles such as occupational health nurses and doctors, transportation training personnel and third party medical service providers. Companies with larger workforces in manufacturing, oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, construction, transportation and mining also find the Depisteo VT1 useful.

Depisteo VT1 vision screener

  • Complete device and contains all required screening tests
  • Can connect with your EMR software package
  • Programmable test sequences suited to your needs
  • Performs tests in between 3 and 5 minutes
  • 2 year warranty
  • Customized operator and patient instructions

Other services Levitt-Safety offers:

Along with selling vision screeners, we offer the following vision-related services:

  • Training and consulting: We can provide on-site or video training and consulting services.
  • Rental options: We offer weekly and monthly rental options.
  • Rx safety eyewear: We built a complete safety glasses program that is stylish, comprehensive, economical and available across Canada.
  • Maintenance servicing: We provide maintenance servicing for vision screeners, which is recommended to occur annually.
  • Online training: We offer a one-hour eye safety training course.

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