Hearing injuries are unlike any other workplace injury. When you hurt your back, you’re aware. If you damage your hearing, you won’t be aware for years to come. With so many noise hazards in the workplace, screening employees for hearing issues is critical.

Trade in your audiometer and get $500 to a new machine

trade in your existing audiometer and save $500 on new audiometers

What is the RA660?

The Tremetrics RA660 is an industrial audiometer, making it ideal for use in the occupational health setting. In just a few minutes your test is finished and you can tell your patient the results.

Tremetrics RA660 has the ability to test up to eight people at once to save time and money in your hearing conservation program.

The RA660 is a PC-based audiometer. It requires a software program to control the audiometer, which is included in the kit. Tremetrics has built the RA660’s acoustic simulator into the device as opposed to other audiometers that need a separate device to be compliant.

The RA660 includes an optional octave band monitor to detect the ambient noise levels in the room you are testing.

tremetrics ra660 kit

The RA660 features:

  • Fully integrated bio-acoustic simulator
  • Quickly test up to eight people simultaneously using our easy and intuitive Tremetrics HearCon software package
  • Wall mount included, which conveniently houses the audiometer, patient response switch, and headset
  • Simplified installation, with only one cable into the sound booth
  • Lightweight and portable – weighing only 1 pound
  • Optional real time OSHA and ANSI compliant octave band monitor

Want to learn more?

Levitt-Safety is an authorized distributor of Tremetrics products. Along with providing excellent pricing for purchasing the RA660, we can calibrate the audiometer and provide user training.

IF you would like to speak with someone from Levitt-Safety to discuss your needs or pricing, fill out the form on this page and a member of our staff will contact you shortly.

Looking to rent an audiometer? Visit our Safety Equipment Rental for daily, weekly and monthly pricing on the Tremetrics RA300 audiometer.

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