What is a sound level meter?

A sound level meter is a handheld instrument that takes noise readings of an environment. Industrial hygienists measure sound to assess sources of noise, like machinery, that need to be controlled, and define which areas require hearing protection devices.

Sound level meters come in a variety of forms that can measure with or without weighted averages and typically have the ability to provide octave band filters that can separate noise levels into their respective frequencies.

Sound level meters are available in two classes:

  • Class 1 Sound Level Meters: These precision-grade meters are ideal for laboratory use, environmental applications, boundary noise, building acoustics and traffic assessments.
  • Class 2 Sound Level Meters: These general-grade meters are ideal for noise-at-work assessments, basic environmental measurements, entertainment noise, construction noise and vehicle noise.

Our bestselling sound level meters:

Levitt-Safety works with leading manufacturers like Svantek and SoundEar to provide sound level meters to workplaces in Canada. Below is a list of our bestselling sound level meters. We can provide you with product information, quotes or equipment training. Fill out the form on this page to get started.

SV 971 class 1 sound level meter product image

SV 971A Class 1 Sound Level Meter:

  • OLED display can be used in sunlight or at night
  • Measuring microphone offers an LAeq linear measurement range from 27 to 137 dB in a single range
  • Start/stop function for simple measurements
  • Provides broadband results with all required weighting filters
  • Ideal for industrial hygiene noise, short-term environmental noise, acoustic consultants, technical engineers and general measurements

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SV 973 class 2 sound level meter

SV 973 Class 2 Sound Level Meter

  • Patented MEMS microphone with lifetime warranty
  • Bluetooth communication with OLED display (used in sunlight or at night)
  • Data logging results for Leq, Max, Min, Peak built-in memory
  • Optional 1/1 & 1/3 octave band analysis and audio recording

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Soundear 3 product image

SoundEar 3 Class 2 Sound Level Meter

  • Designed for hospitals
  • Visual noise level reminds staff and patients to be aware of the sound they’re making
  • Lights can be dimmed at night to not disturb patients
  • Improves the wellbeing of patients and staff by reducing noise-related stress

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