The first step to reducing workplace noise:

Identifying areas or operations with excessive exposure is the first step to improving your workplace.

Instruments used for occupational noise measurements are called sound level meters and noise dosimeters.

Our bestselling equipment for measuring sound:

Occupational health and safety is a cornerstone of the business at Levitt-Safety.

We carry sound level meters, environmental noise monitoring stations, noise dosimeters and calibrators from leading manufacturers like Svantek and SoundEar.

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Sound level meters

SV 971

About the SV 971:

The SV 971 class 1 sound level meter is an extremely small instrument with options for 1/1 and 1/3 octave analysis and audio recording. All data is recorded on a 16 GB memory card.

Class 1 sound level meter

SV 973

About the SV 973:

The SV 973 is a class 2 sound level meter with a wide frequency range up to 10 kHz. The meter can measure 25 dB to 128 dB making it perfect for industrial and environmental noise measurements.

Class 2 sound level meter

SoundEar 3

About SoundEar 3:

SoundEar 3 helps control hospital noises and improve the well-being of patients and staff by reducing stress. The device visualizes the noise in a room and changes colour if it intensifies.

Class 2 sound level meter

Noise dosimeters

SV 104

About the SV 104:

The SV 104 noise dosimeter brings incredible functionality to a compact instrument. This cable-free dosimeter is worn on the user’s shoulder, close to the ear.

A revolutionary new approach to noise monitoring

SV 104A

About the SV 104A:

The SV 104A noise dosimeter features the same great benefits as the SV 104 with the added benefit of Bluetooth capability to communicate with a smartphone.

Bluetooth-enabled for smartphone connectivity

SV 104IS

About the SV 104IS:

The SV 104IS is an intrinsically safe noise dosimeter with a robust 1/2″ MEMS microphone. This enables easy calibration using most common acoustic calibrators.

Intrinsically safe personal noise dosimeter

SV 102A+

About the SV 102A+:

The SV 102A+ presents a new approach to acoustic monitoring tasks. This dosimeter can be used as a dual-channel class 1 sound level meter and a real-time 1/1 octave and 1/3 octave analyzer.

Class 1 dual-channel noise dosimeter

SV 102+

About SV 102+:

The SV 102+ is designed for the accurate measurement of noise exposure to ISO 9612 and microphone in real ear (MIRE) measurements.


Class 2 dual-channel noise dosimeter

Acoustic calibrators

An acoustic calibrator is a device that produces an acoustic pressure of a defined level and frequency to create a template. Using this template, you can check the accuracy of the measurements performed with the sound level meter and/or calibrate it if an error occurs.

SV 33B

About the SV 33B:

The SV 33B produces a 114 dB acoustic pressure at 1 kHz. The SV 33B can calibrates class 1 and class 2 sound level meters and dosimeters with 1/2″ microphones.

Class 1 sound calibrator

SV 36

About the SV 36:

The SV 36 is a type approved sound calibrator meeting class 1 requirements. The calibrator is designed for sound level meters calibration at 94 dB and 114 dB at frequency of 1 kHz.

Class 1 sound calibrator

SV 34B

About the SV 34B:

The SV 34B generates a 114dB reference signal at 1 kHz. It is designed to calibrate class 2 sound level meters and noise dosimeters with 1/2″ microphones.

Class 2 sound calibrator

Environmental noise monitoring stations

SV 307 4G

About the SV 307 4G:

The SV 307 is an all-in-one noise monitoring station. It’s integrated with a 3G modem and outdoor enclosure. It’s designed to monitor noise levels and their spectra, record audio signals and GPS locations.

Class 1 automated noise monitoring station

SV 279 PRO

About the SV 279 PRO:

The SV 279 PRO is based on the SVAN 979 meter. The station uses a 4G modem and broadband results can be recorded in three acoustic profiles.


Class 1 noise monitoring station

SV 277 PRO

About the SV 277 PRO:

The SV 277 PRO is based on the SVAN 977 meter. The station uses the 4G network and SvanNET connects the station to a PC.

Class 1 noise monitoring station


About the SV 271 LITE:

The SV 271 LITE is based on the SVAN 971 meter. The system provides broadband results which can be recorded in three acoustic profiles.

Class 1 noise monitoring station

Why is monitoring noise in the workplace important?

Noise is one of the most common occupational health hazards. It’s a risk in every industry from manufacturing and mining to restaurants and farms. Serious damage or permanent hearing loss are the main health concerns.
The noise levels in your workplace must be managed to prevent hearing damage.
Reducing noise with engineering controls is the best solution. When you cannot control the hazard, you need to consider personal protective equipment (PPE) like earmuffs or earplugs. You should also use instruments to monitor and report on the level of sound in your workplace.

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