What is air sampling?

Air sampling is a method of monitoring a worker’s exposure to airborne hazards from gases, vapours, dust and fibres. The results can be used to understand the associated risks and implement solutions to reduce the hazard and future health implications.

Our bestselling air sampling equipment:

Levitt-Safety carries a range of air sampling equipment, pumps and instruments and ships across Canada. We partner with industry-leader Sensidyne to bring Gilian, the world’s most trusted brand of air sampling pumps, to Canadians.

product image of gilair plus personal air sampling pump

GilAir Plus Personal Air Sampling Pump

  • Lightweight, quiet, versatile and dependable air sampling pump
  • 1 – 5,000 cc/min flow rate, basic, data logging, and STP models
  • Each model available in single, 3-pack, or 5-pack kits
  • Options include automatic calibration (SmartCal™) and remote monitoring via Bluetooth

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product image of gilian 5000 air sampling pump from sensidyne

Gilian 5000 Air Sampling Pump (Power Series)

  • 20 – 5,000 cc/min flow rate for high back pressure applications
  • Programmable, live flow display with rechargeable battery
  • Available in single or 5-pack kits
  • Higher flow models available (Gilian 10i 4-10 LPM) (Gilian 12 4-12 LPM

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Product image of gilibrator 3 primary standard air flow calibrator

Gilibrator 3 Primary Standard Air Flow Calibrator

  • Features include StablFlow™ constant low back pressure, touchscreen colour display and internal record storage
  • Gilian CONNECT PC software for data retrieval, record keeping, and data analysis
  • 3 available flow cells (Low 5 – 450 cc/min) (Standard 50 – 5000 cc/min) (High 1 – 30 LPM)

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sensidyne air sampling equipment accessories

Air Sampling Equipment Accessories:

We carry all the necessary sampling media and accessories you need to complete your air sampling projects including:

  • cassettes
  • filters
  • cyclones
  • sampling bags
  • impingers
  • sorbent tubes and holders, and
  • impactors.

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Air sampling equipment maintenance and repair:

Most instruments used for industrial hygiene and occupational health purposes have regular requirements for maintenance, calibration, and repair.

Our team of trained service technicians can help keep your air sampling equipment ready to perform when needed.

Visit calibration and repair to see recommended service intervals.

Questions to ask before sampling:

  • Why are you sampling? (Regulatory, health based, environmental, etc.)
  • What is the airborne substance you are sampling? (Dust, gas, vapour or fibre)
  • What is the preferred / approved method for sampling? (Sample pump or direct-read instrument)
  • What does the method require? (Filter media, flow rate or sample volume)
  • What are the calibration requirements?

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We can provide product recommendations, pricing and user training.

How to buy:

You can buy most of our air sampling equipment and accessories through our online shop.

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