Airborne hazards from gases, vapours, dusts and fibres exist in many workplaces

Air Sampling is a method of monitoring worker’s exposure to these hazards. The results can be used to understand the associated risks and implement solutions to reduce the hazard and future health implications.

Some questions to consider prior to sampling include:

  • Why are you sampling? (Regulatory, health based, environmental, etc.)
  • What is the airborne substance you are sampling? (Dust, gas, vapour or fibre)
  • What is the preferred / approved method for sampling? (Sample pump or direct-read instrument)
  • What does the method require? (Filter media, flow rate or sample volume)
  • What are the calibration requirements?

Levitt-Safety partners with Sensidyne to provide the right equipment for all of your personal and area sampling applications. This includes:

Area & Personal Sampling Pumps

Gilair Plus, Gilair-3 and Gilair-5, Power Series, LF#-113, BDX-II and Aircon-2.

Sampling Media and Accessories

Cassettes, filters, cyclones, sampling bags, impingers, sorbent tubes and holders, and impactors.

Calibration Equipment

Gilibrator 2 wet cell and Gilibrator 3 dry cell calibrators.

Maintenance & Repair

We can provide servicing for your air sampling equipment.

Looking for more information? Levitt-Safety carries a full range of air sampling products. If you need help choosing the right air sampling instrument for your work environment, get in touch with us today.

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