Benzene & Total Aromatic Compound (TAC) detection in one instrument!

TIGER handheld VOC detectorThe Tiger Select is a portable benzene gas detector with two operation modes for rapid detection of benzene and Total Aromatic Compounds (TACs) providing accurate, reliable data.

Throughout the measurement process, Tiger Select continues to display real-time data, ensuring the final reading represents the full value of actual benzene present. Benzene concentrations are displayed down to parts-per-billion (ppb) levels, giving you accurate, reliable data you can count on.

Tiger Select portable benzene gas detector is capable of providing 15-minute short-term exposure limits (STELs) and 8-hour time-weighted averages (TWAs) for total aromatic compounds (TACs).

The Ion Science PID sensor incorporates both humidity-resistant technology and anti-contamination design for extended operation in difficult working environments.

The Tiger Select benzene and total aromatic compound detector can also be used in standard Tiger operational mode without the use of a benzene pre-filter tube to deliver active indications of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including benzene, at concentrations as low as 1 ppb benzene equivalent.

Best proven photoionisation (PID) detection

  • PID independently verified as best performing on the market
  • Unrivalled sensitivity detects down to ppb levels
  • Selectively detects benzene with ION Science pre-filter tube
  • Continuous readings shown as max level reached
  • In-built humidity resistance with no need to compensate
  • Anti-contamination design for extended field operation

Minimize downtime

  • Ready to use instantly with no complicated set-up
  • Large battery capacity gives several days of use
  • Fast charge capability gets you up and running quickly
  • Simple icon driven menu requires no user training
  • Fastest data download via true USB connection
  • Easily upgrade your instrument via the web 24/7

Buy online:

You can buy the Tiger Select through the Levitt-Safety online store.

By choosing Levitt-Safety, you’ll also receive decades of experience and support to ensure you get the most out of your Tiger Select monitor.

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