• Small, lightweight and durable
  • Most substances can be measured with one pump stroke
  • Surface of pump made of non-sparking ABS resin
  • Pump body is covered with soft rubber for a better grip
  • Diamond edge tip breaker is built in for a safer and more convenient break of the detector tube ends
  • Full and half pump stroke (100ml/50ml) are clearly marked on the handle and lock into position during operation
  • Flow finish indicator is built right into the handle and lets you know exactly when the sample is complete
  • The One Hand Operation Adapter allows the IGV100S pump to be used simply with one hand, capable of neutralizing acids and bases, while water can only dilute a chemical.



With Gastec’s Precision Gas Sampling Pump and over 300 different detector tubes to choose from, instantaneous gas concentrations can be measured quickly and accurately.

The Gastec precision gas sampling system is perfect for applications in confined space entry, hazmat and spill control, flue and exhaust emissions sampling, chemical and petrochemical plants, pulp and paper, indoor air quality, healthcare and many other industries.

Each sampling pump comes with:

  • lubricant,
  • three rubber tube holders,
  • wrist strap,
  • instruction manual, and
  • soft storage case.
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