Speedy measurements in emergency situations

The ability to measure over 300 different gases with an easy-to-use pump has made Gastec the detector of choice for so many workers around the world.

Levitt-Safety is proud to be Canada’s distributor of Gastec’s world-class gas detection system.

Whether you need gas detection for a routine inspection or a Hazmat emergency, you can count on the Gastec line of colourimetric detector tubes to precisely identify and measure your particular gas or vapour.

What is unique about Gastec?

Gastec’s patented gas sampling pumps offer smooth, precise measurements with no risk of partial samples. No other manufacturer has more detector tubes certified by the U.S. Safety Equipment Institute (SEI) than Gastec.

Plus, all Gastec products are manufactured in ISO-9001 certified facilities.

  • Pre-calibrated, direct-read colourimetric detector tubes offer distinct lines of demarcation for easier viewing.
  • Tubes do not require interpretation, dual scales or colour charts.
  • Tubes can measure even trace levels of contaminants with multiple detection limits for different chemicals.
  • Gastec’s higher maximum detection limits can provide a more accurate measurement of contamination.
  • Broad operating temperature ranges means the tubes can be used in virtually any environment – from 32°F to 104°F.

Measure up to 15 gases in a single test session:

In addition to single-gas detector tubes, Polytec Tubes are available to simultaneously measure up to 15 gases during a single test session, providing cost-effective monitoring and chemical identification.

For TWA (time-weighted average) monitoring of airborne chemicals, Gastec direct-read dosimeter tubes offer three times more applications and double the shelf life of the leading competitor.

Learn more:

Levitt-Safety offers a variety of accessories to expand detection capabilities with the Gastec system, such as extension hoses, a telescoping extension pole, a hot probe, and a one-hand pump adapter.

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The world of gas detection is constantly evolving and ensuring that you have the best gas detection system to meet your needs is paramount.

Our current trade-in program offers you a cost-effective solution and lets you experience the benefits of the leading gas sampling pump on the market.

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