The GT5000 Terra is the world’s smallest multigas FTIR analyzer.

It’s portable, splashproof and capable of measuring up to 50 gases simultaneously with constant online monitoring.

Measure up to 50 gases simultaneously

You can use the GT5000 Terra to measure up to 50 gases simultaneously. You can configure the system to measure new components without any hardware changes.

Since all gases are measured from the same spectral data, you can go back to previous measurements to investigate the presence of new compounds of interest.

The GT500 Terra gas spectrum library consists of over 300 gases, which you pick and choose according to your needs.

gt5000 terra sitting on table while industrial hygienist works in background

Quick set-up and results:

The GT5000 Terra has a sample cell at ambient temperature to provide low energy consumption for maxiumu battery life. At the same time it minimizes the warm-up time of the analyzer.

There is no need for time-consuming calibration or consumables that increase the cost of ownership.

Wireless, portable, easy to use:

You can operate the analyzer with Calcmet software on a Windows tablet or laptop.

The software is designed to maximize the portability and ease of use for one-click measurements and immediate results. You can control GT5000 Terra with Calcmet via built-in Wifi or Bluetooth and you can even operate it remotely through VPN.

The software comes in two versions:

  1. Calcmet Easy for accessible on-field work, and
  2. Calcmet Expert for further analysis with advanced tools.

In addition to Calcmet, we offer a free Gasmet Smartphone App, which gives you access to the Gasmet FTIR spectrum collection, sample gas dew point calculator, unit conversion tool and CO2 / O2 concentration calculator!

man using the GT5000 terra for container monitoring

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