What is a gas detector docking station?

A docking station is a system that manages your gas detectors. The station’s automated system reduces time by performing:

  • instrument bump tests
  • calibrations
  • data log download, and
  • record keeping.

gas detector docking station product image

You can set the station to perform these tasks at a scheduled time. You’re also able to transfer the information to a USB key and save it on a company server or laptop.

This means you can reduce wait times at the start of shifts by scheduling calibration and bump tests to happen during off-peak hours.

Calibration station vs. docking station

Calibration stations used to be the obvious choice for organizations because they made it easy to calibrate a gas monitor.

Today, most docking stations will calibrate your gas detector along with performing bump tests and charging your instrument.

Why choose Levitt-Safety?

Levitt-Safety has worked hard to ensure the docking stations we sell are user-friendly models.

Levitt-Safety carries docking stations from manufacturers like Industrial Scientific, MSA, and Honeywell. When you buy a docking station through Levitt-Safety, we will help you learn about the station you’ve purchased. We can schedule time to walk you through how to perform a bump test, calibrate a gas detector, download a data log and how to schedule maintenance for off-peak times.

We also offer accompanying products like iNet® Solutions. iNet is a gas detection management software that helps you manage hazards, people, and equipment from anywhere with one simple dashboard. View detailed reports to track and mitigate the hazards.

Need help selecting the right docking station for your gas monitor?

We can help you determine the right docking station based on your needs and the type of gas monitor that you have.

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