PCA 400 combustion and emissions analyzerThe PCA® 400 Combustion & Emissions Analyzer by Bacharach is a versatile analyzer for commercial and industrial applications.

It comes with up to four gas sensors, options include O2, CO, NOx, NO, NO2 and SO2.

Using the PCA 400, technicians can:

  • See and save live data for easy compliance reporting with real-time PC software
  • Remotely operate the analyzer with the Combustion App and create custom reports with comments which can be sent via email
  • Reproduce combustion and emissions reports in the field with Bluetooth® and IrDA printer
  • Reduce downtime with B-Smart® Sensors which can be replaced in the field and don’t require calibration gas
  • Have superior accuracy for low NOx and SOx applications with optional active sample conditioner
  • Reduce maintenance costs and downtime with 5-year warranty on O2 sensor

The PCA 400 offers everything you and your technicians need to commission, tune, maintain and certify any boiler.

It is perfect for spot-checking and tuning your engines with the high-range CO sensor and available sample conditioner.

Whether it’s boiler combustion or emissions testing of your natural gas, stationary genset or mobile fleet vehicles, monitoring your emissions is fast, easy and accurate.

How to buy the PCA 400

You can buy the PCA 400 through our online shop.

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